Vaginoplasty Cost UK

VagioplastyCosmetic surgery to change the way your vagina looks is a straightforward procedure. It can have excellent results in restoring your confidence. After having children the shape of your vagina can change in the way it looks and feels.

Many women experience problems such as lack of feeling during intercourse and urinary problems

Vaginal Tightening

The muscles and ligaments in the vagina can become weaker after having children or with age.

After vaginoplasty surgery, your vagina can feel tighter, and you can enjoy better sexual intercourse.  Any problems you may have had passing urine should be much better.

How does Vaginal Tightening Surgery Work?

Vaginal tightening surgery tightens your tissues and pelvic floor muscles as well as the ligaments. Your surgeon will also remove any excess skin to reduce the size of your vagina.

This type of surgery is done under a general anaesthetic. You should expect to spend a night in a hospital before going home.

After Surgery

Your vagina and the internal and external surrounding areas may be swollen and sore for a few days. This is a sensitive area, and you will have to rest for a few days.

You will be given pain relief tablets while in the hospital and will also have advice on managing any discomfort you may feel when you return home. Sometimes an ice pack is used to give you some relief.

It does not take long to recover, and you will have contact with our specialist team.


  • Much better sex.
  • Increase in your self-confidence.
  • Being able to wear the clothes you want.
  • You will feel more attractive.

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