Buttock Implants

Buttock ImplantsThis procedure is not very widely performed in the UK as it presents a high risk of infection owing to the inherent difficulty in maintaining hygiene and the slow, complicated recovery. We would, therefore, like to show you with the following safe options:

Treatment Options, Cost

1. Have the Brazilian Butt Lift, which gives you augmentation of the Buttock and a Lift by transferring your fat. However, this is not always possible if you do not have any fat to contribute. The downside is some of the fat gets resorbed (dissolved) but the results are permanent, and it is minimally invasive and relatively safe. The cost of the procedure, with daycare at the hospital, all treatment-related charges and after-care is £ 5,500

2. Have dermal fillers to augment the Buttock Area, as you choose, where you choose. This is just by injecting fillers and, therefore, the least risky of the procedures. However, it is not permanent and may only last up to 18 months or so. Fillers are injected under local anaesthetic, and there is minimum downtime. The all-inclusive fees are £4,850 for 150 ml either side.

3. You always have the option of having Buttock Implants Abroad, through our sister company Euromedical Tours. Through an extended stay in the hospital at facilities that meet stringent European standards, we help you minimise the risk and give you the procedure you want under general anaesthetic. And that is not all; you save money too; The all-inclusive fees is £4,850 including flights and accommodation, transfers, extended hospital stay and all transfers between hospital, hotel, and airport. That is not all; you have a Treatment Warranty for treatment of all infections, complications, revision or corrective surgery without any further treatment charges.

What Next?

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Do you want a larger rounder more shapely bottom? Or maybe a smaller more shapely bottom?  Would you fantasize about getting a shapely figure? Sometimes known as a butt enlargement, butt implant or buttock implants, buttock augmentation can be carried out utilizing an implant or body fat transfer.

Your buttocks could be rounder, and larger and your waist will appear more compact. You’ll have a more shaped, sexy figure.

The outcomes are immediate. When going through buttock augmentation with implants, you will be provided with some options. A few of these include, round and oblong, filling, natural silicone or solid silicone and surface type, smooth or textured.

The Surgery

Possessing a sexy bottom can make a big difference to the general shape of your body. Rounded high buttocks can make your waist and thighs appear more compact making the remainder of your upper body look much more proportioned. The challenge for most of us is that the buttocks can be a tricky area of the body to shape by exercising on your own especially if your buttocks are naturally flat.

Buttock Surgery Cost


Following your buttock augmentation, it is possible to return home on the same day. Your bottom will probably be swollen. It’s also possible to have a tight sensation after your operation since your skin must adapt to the size of your new bottom. Throughout the initial weeks following your buttock augmentation you’re encouraged to put on a form of supportive underwear. Additionally, it is essential not to put force on your buttocks throughout the six weeks following your buttock implants. You should avoid resting on your back, bending over and working.

Buttock Shape

Another essential step to consider is cut location. The 3 locations include, toward the top on both sides from the upper buttocks toward the underside both in from the gluteal creases, where your “cheekbones” meet the top upper thighs and lower the middle of the sacrum that is a vertical cut lower the bottom crease.

You will find other variables, for example, size, shape, and skin quality, that should be considered before making any determinations about which buttock augmentation procedure is the best for you. If you’re thin and put on a size 2 to 4 dress, you might not have sufficient body fat to spare for that body fat transfer, buttock enhancement method, therefore, to be able to produce a new, curvier rear, you would need to receive buttock implants.

When looking for the form from the buttock, we divide its anatomy into three sections top of the buttocks, the mid-buttocks and also the lower buttocks. Each area must be examined and addressed individually to supply the very best gluteal harmony.

Whenever a gluteal enhancement is performed the implant is principally enhancing the top of the buttocks and also the upper area of the mid-buttocks. Complementary methods might be needed to be able to enhance the overall shape.

Buttock Augmentation

The cost of buttock augmentation? Buttock augmentation cost, cheapest in the UK! We can offer you these fantastic prices because we save on luxury offices and expensive locations around the UK. However, we don’t compromise on the quality of service and care we offer.