Arm Lift

Arm LiftAn arm lift or brachioplasty is a surgical treatment that can reshape the under area of your upper arm from under the arm area to the elbow. Changes in body weight such as getting older, as well as genetics, may cause your upper arms to experience a drooping, sagging appearance.

Exercising may strengthen and enhance the underlying muscle tone of your upper arm however it cannot address excess skin which has lost its elasticity.

Brachioplasty Surgery

If you have little upper arm fat with no excess skin liposuction on its own is usually effective. For individuals who have additional skin that is situated nearby the armpit a noticeable difference is generally accomplished by way of surgery through of an incision in the armpit. If you have a lot of upper arm skin and fat tissue should be eliminated by having a more complicated procedure.

The surplus skin around the bottom of your upper arms that is the result of pregnancy, weight loss or ageing can be removed surgically. An arm lift is a typical medical procedure primarily carried out for cosmetic factors. This surgical procedure will take approximately 2 hours and is carried out under general anaesthesia. An arm lift procedure removes surplus skin within your upper arm allowing your skin to become tighter again. An arm lift is frequently coupled with liposuction where subcutaneous fat is removed.

Arm Fat Removal and Reduction

When the bottom of your upper arms are sagging and appear loose because of surplus skin as well as fat an arm lift could be best for you.

An arm lift is carried out to,

  • Decrease excess skin as well as fat between your underarm and your elbow.
  • Enhance the shape of your arm to contribute to smoother skin and contours.
  • Produce a much more toned and balanced physical appearance.

Are you a good candidate for surgery?

Arm Lift surgery could be carried out on quite some patients including patients of normal weight who need some skin tightening around their arms. However, most candidates patients are quite overweight and don’t have unmanageable medical conditions. They have excess skin and body fat in their arms. A number of these patients complain their arms look and feel like “bat wings.” From time to time some older ladies have procuring skin, that’s annoying, and they would also be reasonable candidates.

Arm Lift Surgery Cost


Arm Lift Surgery Cost

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