Our cosmetic surgeons are consultant specialists with over 20 years of experience in aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery.
The dentists are oral surgeons, implantologists, periodontists, endodontists, and prosthodontists or general dentists, suited to your specific needs.

The weight loss surgeons are consultant general and laparoscopic surgeons with over twenty years of experience in bariatric surgery and non-surgical procedures.

A brief resume of your specialist will be provided to you once a consultation appointment is arranged so that you have an introduction to the surgeon before you meet them. All of our specialists are members of professional associations like BAPRAS, BAAPS, and BACS for cosmetic surgeons and subscribe to continual professional education by keeping abreast of latest technology and innovation as well as contributing to seminars, conferences and journals with their own research and indigenous techniques.
Each of the surgeons has a large portfolio of procedure performed which they will share with you to show how you may benefit just like previous clients with needs akin to yours.
These professionals bring empathy and an excellent bedside manner to put your needs and at a premium and are driving by ethics that serve you safely and well-being first and foremost.