Our cosmetic surgeons are consultant specialists with over 20 years of experience in aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery.
The dentists are oral surgeons, implantologists, periodontists, endodontists, and prosthodontists or general dentists, suited to your specific needs.

The weight loss surgeons are consultant general and laparoscopic surgeons with over twenty years of experience in bariatric surgery and non-surgical procedures.

A brief resume of your specialist will be provided to you once a consultation appointment is arranged so that you have an introduction to the surgeon before you meet them. All of our specialists are members of professional associations like BAPRAS, BAAPS, and BACS for cosmetic surgeons and subscribe to continual professional education by keeping abreast of latest technology and innovation as well as contributing to seminars, conferences and journals with their own research and indigenous techniques.

Each of the surgeons has a large portfolio of procedure performed which they will share with you to show how you may benefit just like previous clients with needs akin to yours.
These professionals bring empathy and an excellent bedside manner to put your needs and at a premium and are driving by ethics that serve you safely and well-being first and foremost.

Bariatric Surgery (Weight Loss) Options at Home, in the UK or Away, at our destinations Abroad are: 
Non – Surgical
– Gastric Balloon
– Endoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy (non surgical gastric sleeve)
– Sleeve Gastrectomy (Gastric Sleeve)
– Gastric Bypass
– Revision Bariatric Surgery – conversions from Gastric Band to Sleeve of Bypass

Options in the UK – Home and Surgeons

Mr Amir Khan – Birmingham

Mr Yashwant Koak – London

Assoc. Prof. Dr Mohamed Salman – Cicester

Mr Péter Vasas – Doncaster

Options Away – At Our Destinations Abroad Selected for Compliance with Standards, Infection Control and Aftercare Warranties.

Dr Murat Ustun – Istanbul, Turkey

Dr Kaplan Baha Temizgönül – Istanbul, Turkey
Professor Dr Mehmet Tahir Oruç – Antalya, Turkey
Mr Amir Khan – Islamabad and Karachi, Pakistan
Assoc. Prof. Dr Mohamed Salman – Cairo, Egypt
Mr Péter Vasas – Budapest, Hungary

Best of Both

The surgeons who are based in UK and are available to perform surgery abroad (Amir Khan, Mohamed Salman and Péter Vasas) provide the best of both (HOME AND AWAY).

* They are available for consultations in the UK
* They perform the procedures abroad (In Hungary, Egypt and Pakistan) giving RightChoice Clients the benefit of affordable quality options (from less than 50% of UK prices including travel and accommodation).
* They are available to supervise aftercare in the UK

Dr. Yashwant Koak

Mr Yashwant Koak, MS, FRCS (Gen Eng), MB ChB Consultant General, Upper GI and Bariatric Surgeon

Mr Yashwant Koak an experienced Upper GI & Bariatric surgeon. Mr Koak qualified from the University of Glasgow with MBChB and did Basic Surgical training in Chelsea and Westminster
Hospital. Then he joined Royal Free Hospital to do his Master of Surgery in University of London.

His Specialist Registrar training was in the North (East) Thames Deanery. After completion of his training Mr Koak spent 1 year as a Senior Clinical Fellow in Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney, Australia, learning advanced Upper GI & Bariatric surgery. Then Mr Koak joined Homerton University Hospital as Consultant Bariatric and Upper GI Surgeon. Homerton Bariatric Surgical Unit serves the largest number of patients in UK.

His current interest is Single-port surgery and Minimal-access surgery. The main operations Mr Koak currently performs are:

• Bariatric Surgery – Single-port & Lap Gastric Banding, Lap Sleeve Gastrectomy and Gastric

• Upper GI Surgery – including Single-port Lap Cholecystectomy, Lap Fundoplication, Lap Hiatus
Hernia Repair.

• General Surgery – including Single-port Lap Hernia repair operations, day case surgery.

• Procedures – Gastroscopy and colonoscopy, diagnostic and therapeutic.

Special interests, these include:

• Bariatrics,
• Weight loss,
• Gastric band,
• Gastric bypass,
• Sleeve gastrectomy

Dr. Mohamed Salman

Associate Professor Mohamed Salman M.Sc., M.D Surgery (Cairo), MRCS (Eng., Glasgow), FRCS (Eng.) Consultant Surgeon MRCS Examiner

Dr. Mohamed Salman is an accomplished Associate Professor of General Surgery with extensive qualifications and experience in the field. Holding multiple degrees including an M.Sc., M.D Surgery, and various board certifications, he has excelled in examinations and raining programs across multiple countries including Egypt, England, and Jordan.

Notably, he serves as an MRCS Examiner and holds editorial roles in prestigious medical journals. Currently, he holds a Senior Clinical Fellowship in Bariatric Surgery at St Richard’s Hospital,
University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust, UK, while also serving as an Associate Professor & Consultant of General and Laparoscopic Surgery at Kasr Alainy Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University. Prior to this, he held senior positions in renowned institutions including Sunderland Royal Hospital, South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation
Trust, UK, and Security Forces Hospital Makkah.

Throughout his career, Dr Salman has contributed significantly to academia and clinical practice, with notable achievements including defending his MD thesis on penetrating abdominal shotgun injuries and publishing research on laparoscopic surgery. His dedication and expertise make him a valuable asset in the field of surgery.

Dr. Amir Khan

Mr Amir Khan, MBBS, FRCS, Consultant General, Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgeon

Mr Amir Khan has been a consultant in General Surgery for over 25 years and has been the bariatric surgeon for Walsall Manor Hospital since 1992 He has a specialist interest in vascular surgery, obesity, weight loss surgery and laparoscopy (key-hole surgery). Mr Khan is particularly experienced in weight loss surgery and has performed several thousand weight- reducing operations including gastroplasties, laparoscopic gastric banding and balloon insertions, open and laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery, Biliopancreatic bypass, mini gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy. He also performs redo-weight loss surgery for patients with weight regain and complications.

Mr Khan is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons England and Edinburgh. He is also a member of the British Obesity Surgical Society.