Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian Butt Lift Made No Better

There are several types of procedures. A buttock augmentation changes the size and shape of the patient’s buttocks by transferring and injecting fat, or by surgically placing silicon implants into the buttock.

The “Brazilian butt lift” specifically involves fat grafting or injection. The patient undergoes liposuction to remove fat from their abdomen, hips and thighs, which is then processed and re-implanted into the buttocks. This is the traditional way Worldwide. But what Dr. Karaaltın provides is much more unique and much more efficient in terms of the vitality of the fat injected as this crucial for the optimal results. Thank for the Stempia ™ Technology (Biotrend Medicals Inc. Turkey, Istanbul).

This technology enables us to harvest the fat much more meticulously and provides us the regenerative cells that can promote angiogenesis (body creating new vessels) which will make the fat graft (injected fatty tissue) more pertinent.

The Body Buttock Analysis

This analytic method is mandatory and is assessed by the plastic surgeon during the patient’s examinations in order to create the most aesthetically pleased outcome.

There are three important factors witch determines the buttock aesthetic appearance, the pelvic bone (witch is gender specific), distribution of fat in buttock fat compartments and the volume of the buttock muscles (gluteal muscles). Both the distribution of fat and the volume of the muscle can be manipulated with the current surgical approaches, whereas the constant factor “pelvic bone” cannot be changed.

Each patient is evaluated and either gluteal augmentation with implant, fat redistribution/ fat injection or both methods together are implied.

The Fat Compartment Shifting Procedure

Dr.Karaaltın will analyse the buttock –lower back relation and shape. In certain conditions, a shifting of the fatty tissue from one region to another is mandatory in order to achieve the optimal buttock shape. This can be performed with special type of small calibre cannulas that can be re-directed to each area witch will be shifted to the designated compartment.

The Stem Cell Enriched Autologous Fat Injection Method

This method implies of using stem cell technology Stempia ™ Technology (Biotrend Medicals Inc. Turkey, Istanbul) in witch regenerative cells are isolated from the harvested fatty tissue. Mixed with the harvested tissue planned for injecting. The basic advantage of the technique relies on the stem cells activity witch promotes enhanced vascularity enabling a proper environment for the injected fatty tissue to survive the period of de-vascularization. As a result the percentage of retained fat with be higher than is would be with the classical fat injection technique.

The X-Y-Z technique for Gluteal Augmentation:

The technique relies on inserting the implant in between the split to layers of the buttock muscle rather than placing simply the implant over the muscle. The advantage

Of the technique resides on creating a sealant layer of muscle over the implant and thus decreasing the possibility to have gluteal implant related complications.

The BBL through stem cell enriched autologous fat transfer

Step one:

The designated areas of the body are meticulously defined after a detailed preoperative assessment by Dr.Karaaltın.

Step two:

On the operative table, a special prepared solution is infused via a very thin calibre cannula to the areas of the body from witch the fat is to be harvested, in order to achieve the maximum rate of blood free fatty tissue harvest. This step last for 27 minutes sharply.

Step three:

The harvested fatty tissue is collected in a special canister and processed in a special device with gravity separation rather than using centrifugation process. This technique allows the fatty cells to be purified with minimal trauma and maximum yield.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Step four:

Eighty cubic centimetres of fatty tissue is processed with a Stempia ™ Technology (Biotrend Medicals Inc. Turkey, Istanbul) kit to obtain the fatty tissue derived stem cell



Step Five:

The cells are properly mixed in a certain proportion to achieve a highly regenerative mixture of pure fatty cells and stem cells.


Step six:

The tissue cocktail is loaded in to special syringes and re-introduced to the buttock region with a layered fashion in order to achieve the optimal size shape and projection

Brazilian Butt Lift

Maximize The Safety of Your BBL procedure with Real-Time Wireless Ultrasound Monitoring

One of the main precautions to minimize the risks regarding the BBL surgery is to avoid any tissue injection in the muscle The real time wireless ultrasound technology enables the surgeon to introduce the injection cannula in the safety zone avoiding any possible tissue engulfment through the vessels imbedded in the muscle.