Ear Pinning Cost

Ear Pinning

Ear pinning is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure used to remedy protruding ears. The method is also called otoplasty or pinnaplasty. Cosmetic surgery is used to enhance the shape of the ears by re-designing the cartilage into a much less protruding appearance. The two main methods for improving protruding ears are ear splinting and ear pinning. Ear splinting requires resetting the soft cartilage and making use of a splint to fix the ear in the new position. It is used to treat babies. Ear pinning, otoplasty is where the cartilage is remodeled to develop the absent folds and re-position the ear closer to your head.

Ears Pinned Back

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This a safe procedure in cosmetic surgery. Most patients go home on the same day. The procedure itself does not take long (about 2 hours) and is a relatively simple one. In certain cases an overnight stay is necessary. After a couple of days, your dressing can be taken off and replaced by a headband. You need to wear this headband night and day for the first week right after surgical treatment.



Reasons why ear reshaping is performed

Approximately one percent of individuals within the UK believe their ears stand out far too much. Protruding ears don’t usually affect a person’s hearing but may frequently result in awkwardness as well as mental distress. Ears are among the first body parts to develop to full adult size. If they stick out, they may be especially apparent in youngsters and could result in teasing. Frequently the parents of a child with protruding ears stress out a lot more than the child. They may be worried that their child’s ears will cause problems at school and lead to shyness. Grown-ups with protruding ears may have functional difficulties. For instance, some may find it hard to put on particular items of head-wear, for example, a motorbike helmet. Women with protruding ears might also feel awkward or self-conscious about wearing their hair up.

Protruding ears

Protruding ears is usually an attribute which runs in families. The outer ear was designed to stick out from the side of your head at an angle of approximately 20 to 35 degrees. In a small number of individuals, the angle is much more than 35 degrees leading to sticking out ears. Protruding ears may happen when there is a lot of cartilage at the very top of the ear doesn’t fold properly as it grows.

Otoplasty Cost

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