Breast Procedures

“What a difference! It’s such a massive change, thank you both!”


Hi Zahid, yes I’m absolutely over the moon with my results. I have never felt so confident in my LIFE! This was life changing surgery and I couldn’t be happier.  Thank you so much and Mr Khan. Everything has been amazing from start to finish. 🙏

Thank you so much, Zahid

I couldn’t be happier with choosing you and Dr. Khan to have surgery with.


She’s the best!!!.

The horror stories you hear going abroad are always so daunting. But I am just so respectful and appreciative towards your care and compassion as a patient.

If the aftercare is anything to go by like this week I will feel forever safe and in honour and respect to you. Thank you.


From start to finish the service was impeccable I can’t fault anything. My first consultation was wonderful, all my questions were answered professionally and honestly. My decision was made quite promptly and every email was answered.

The day of the surgery was lovely both my husband and I felt so at ease the whole day was quite memorable. After care was the best service I have experienced, just the phone calls made me feel safe in the hands of experts. I have already recommend you to a friend of mine that is looking to have the same procedure.

I would like to thank all involved in making my experience not just memorable but ensuring my upmost satisfaction and safety.

Andrea W, England

Thank you for your continued communication and support. It is much appreciated. I have recovered brilliantly and am very happy with the results. I wish you could now help with my lockdown overeating. On a serious note, I hope this email also finds you and all your family well.

Looking forward to my post-op consultation. I plan to be here for a good part of the summer, therefore I am flexible with an appointment. Hopefully, the situation we find yourselves in is becoming safer to return to a new normal.

Kathleen Ferry

My surgeon is wonderful he explained the procedure thoroughly and made sure I understood the risks involved. He also made sure that I didn’t have unrealistic expectations. The nursing care was second to known

Donna K, Staffordshire

I am really feeling great about myself thank you, it’s a huge boost of
confidence and I’m very pleased with how everything turned out.

Betty A

I would really like to thank you for the outstanding service you provided. As your client/customer I felt I was in very good hands from the consultation to the aftercare.

Annette W, London

The whole process from the first consultation was a very satisfying experience and the consultant put any doubts that I had of undergoing surgery furthest to the back of my mind. I am very satisfied with the end result. I would also like to thank everyone involved with the procedure and am very appreciative of the team work shown.

Thank You Very Much.

Gayle, Lancashire

I would like you say a big thank you for the support and care I received from your company. I can only say that the treatment I received from the first consultation through to the procedure was excellent.

It has now been a week since my operation and I’m still recovering but have felt comfort knowing that you are only a phone call away if I need any help or advice.

I would 100% recommend your cosmetic company to friends and family and have no worries regarding my daughter undergoing her procedure with your company and know that she will be in safe hands which is a great comfort to me. I would not hesitate coming back to you if I under go any further procedures in the very near future.

Michelle B, London

I like the look of my new breasts. Mr Khan made me feel confident and calm, when I was terribly anxious and the staff were wonderful and comforting. Everyone involved contributed to the day in a positive way for me. Thanks for everything. Your support and communication are appreciated.

Sophie B, London

Max is an amazing surgeon; haven’t even got any scarring! Everything went great at the hospital and I am absolutely ecstatic about the result of the implant replacement.

Jacqueline D, London

I made my enquiry to RightChoiceUK for Breast Augmentation for the total price of £3175 which was inclusive of everything; my choice of surgeon and hospital, weekend consultations, the treatment aftercare. RightChoice was prompt in answering emails and telephone calls; they did a great job and always put my mind at ease with my endless questions.

The Surgeon who performed my BA was fantastic. I had my BA done under local anaesthetic so was awake for this, and can honestly say there isn’t any pain at all, he chatted with me and the nurses through the surgery, which was good as it took your mind off thinking about the op. I was given the opportunity to view my new breast size with the use of sizers before the implants were inserted, and I was happy to proceed with the 300cc silicone implants (this had increased me from a 36AA to a full 36B Cup).


As I am only a small build 5ft 3″ tall with a size 8 frame I didn’t want to go to big, just enough to show shape, cleavage and them feminine looks we all want, so the size that Mr Patterson recommended for me were perfect. I had my follow-on appointment 10 days post-surgery where the nurse checked my wound, to which is healing great and no longer need to have a dressing on, all swelling has gone down and the shapes just great. I would highly recommend surgery through RightChoiceUK to anybody as well as the Surgeon.

Tina C, Lancashire

I am very happy with the size and shape and hopefully once the healing process is over eveything will be fine. I have been very happy with the help, advice and support given by yourself throughout the process of getting my PIP implants changed. I was also very pleased with the experience at The Bridgewater Hospital, they were very kind and caring whilst i was in their care.

Thank you for everything.

N Martin, Notts

I would like to express my gratitude at the excellent service you provided throughout the process of my breast removal/augmentation procedure.From the onset you were both caring and supportive, always there to answer any queries/questions (and i know these were numerous)!

The process was both effortless and efficient, continuing from initial consultation to hospital stay and aftercare.The hospital staff were lovely and attentative and the consultant surgeon ‘Peter Paterson’ was absolutely superb!

Given the complexity of my procedure (rupture and seroma on the right side); the costs were low and very fair; my breasts now look fantastic!

Again, thank you very much for the support you offered and the excellent service provided from beginning to end!

J Sherwood, Cheshire

I have finally fully recovered from the surgery and am feeling much better and am happy with the results!! I was guilded well from initial consultation right through till surgery and the treatment and care given after surgery were excellent!! I’m happy with the results and the overall experience; thank you!

E. Hassan, London

I am very happy with the results and its great how quickly you made time for me to have them done. I knew as soon as i met the surgeon that he was the person i wanted to do it for me. I’m not in any pain at all and can’t wait till i can take my children swimming for the first time in nearly 8 years.

Thank you very much. A few of my friends should be calling right choice very soon as I’ve given them your website address and told them you are who they should all go to. Many thanks you have made me very happy .

L. Simmons, Kent

I am feeling pretty good now, my recovery was fairly difficult but I realise it was because I had such big implants, however I am now up and about again and not in much pain anymore.

The consultation gave me some good advice about what I wanted and I was happy that he said he could achieve what I wanted with my surgery.

The hospital was really nice and all the staff brilliant making me feel at ease before the surgery which really helped as I was so nervous. They everything for me so I could just sleep and rest until I was discharged.

I am really happy with my results and feel I finally have what I want after disapointing first surgery.

K Angyl, Gloucestershire

I was looked after from start to finish and I am very happy with the results, the care and the price. I would recomened rightchoice any day.

C Lappin, Tameside

Just a quick note to let you know everything went fine with the surgery and there was hardly any discomfort. Mr Sharif should be very proud of himself. Not that I’m the voice of knowledge but he’s incredibly skilled in his work and extremely honest about what he wanted to do, which is so implartant!

I’ll be sending my thanks to Bridgewater for their caring staff as well. If I want anything else doing, I know where to come now..

E Wilson, Staffs

My breasts look lovely and I have no complaints at all. From start to finish everything went so well; the sugeon was excellent, explaining everything to make my decision so easy. then the hospital staff were so caring and right choice were always answering questions promptly. I have no problem recommending all of you.

M. Bourne, West Midlands

I’ve just returned from surgery ths weekend, I would like to thank you and your team for being so well looked after. When i first found your web site i was very unsure it all seemed to good to be true. I was proven wrong. Dr Sharif has done a wonderful job he and everyone at the hospital were fantastic and treated me very well. The standard of care was as good as the other private hospitals I have been to.

I’m more than happy for you to use my experience to inform other clients, because as a patient who has had cosmetic surgery here in Britain and abroad before I am able to compare.
My experience with you was actually better due to all the staff at Preston being so professional and friendly the pain management after was excellent.

Like myself i would imagine other clients will think that the price is to good to be true and so the standard of surgery and care will reflect this. I have saved £2000 on my surgery with you.

Thank you again!

S Sadler, Devon

Everything’s gone really well. A big Thank you to everyone who took part in the procedure.
Many thanks.

E Davies, London

I had no problems with the surgery and was totally delighted and ‘over the moon’ with the result. I did not have any great pain or discomfort and was pleased with the small incision which was made, which has now healed, leaving only a minor trace of surgery.

I was totally satisfied with the arrangements made, the premises, procedures, surgery, after care, staff and the price, which made a my dream of many years come true. My whole attitude and confidence has increased enormously and I am now able to wear more stylish clothing and swimwear.

I have no hesitation in recommending Right |Choice to anyone considering treatment. I am considering further enhancement and facial surgery at the same time and would have no hesitation in contacting Right Choice again.

Many, many thanks for your assistance and professional services.

J Hill, Scotland

I am recovering now getting back to normal activities! Although still trying not to overdo it. I was very happy with Mr Khans professional and kind approach during the consultation, surgery and afterwards. My personal thanks to Right Choice for your kind emails and professional service.

Sheryl B, Kent

There is nothing negative i can say about the whole experience from booking it with yourself and all the help you gave me. Replying quickly to my endless questions. Mr Paterson is lovely and i felt in very safe hands. The hospital and care that i received there was outstanding.

The results are far better than i could of imagined and as i told Mr Paterson yesterday i finally feel like a real women. I will be definitely recomend yours and Mr Patersons services. I would quite happily be a reference for those considering surgery.

V Green, Gloucestershire

Body Procedures

The surgery was a great experience and I’m not in any pain (although I may be once the anesthetic wears off properly) the hospital was great and especially Patrik.


I had a very quiet time over Christmas with looking a bit bruised however so worth it. All stitches removed and I look 10 years younger. I must acknowledge the professionalism and first class treatment I received from Mr Lohana was second to none. He is honestly a star 🌟. From start to finish you all have been very helpful and it was very much appreciated.

Hi, my name is Ibrar Ahmed. I am 45 years old 5’7″ tall from Teesside.

For most of my life I have been very active going to gym regularly, though I have suffered from rheumatoid arthritis since my early 20s and have been on specialist medication. I have always been on my feet ran different business’s which have kept me active.

However as I have been getting older was getting “the middle age spread” and always struggled to get it of.

I tried diets extra activities but nothing worked to get of the extra pounds.
I would say I was a sensible eater enjoyed a takeaway once a week never was really a sugary drinks guy,I tended to stay away from soft drinks the odd can once in a while.

During the last 5 years since starting our successful family business my role has been sitting for unto 10 hours a day doing paperwork etc.

Even though still going gym in the mornings and evenings walking 3 miles unto 5 days a week my weight was still going up.

I was so confused and angry that I was starting to give up and even about to smoke again even though I quit about 3 years ago.

Nothing seemed to be going right my health was a mess I was always tired stressed bloated, falling asleep even while I was working only 2 hours into my shift, then to top it of I recently got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

I thought brilliant this is getting better I was already suffering from sleep apnea.

My weight by now was 120kg when at my peak was about 85 to 90kg.
For the last few years I had been considering bariatric surgery and last year came across healthier weight on the Web and got talking to a fantastic gentleman Mr. Zahid who guided me through different procedures available.

He did not pressurize me in any way left me to make my own decision.
Together with his expert advice I opted for The ESG procedure whereby incisions are made from the mouth via endoscopy procedure.

Unfortunately due to Covid a few appointments were cancelled and I was getting more and more frustrated because my breathing was becoming more heavy my health was deteriorating.

Finally end of July 21 date became available which Mr Zahid finally managed to arrange after so many attempts.

I could have had the procedure closer to home but due to Mr. Zahid’s professionalism I was going nowhere else.

Everything regarding the procedure was arranged by Mr. Zahid all I had to do was attend the Cromwell hospital in Kensington London at 11.30am
I arrived at 09.00hrs the staff were absolutely fantastic immediately I was checked in even though I was early, I definitely got the VIP treatment my own ensuite room with TV etc. to keep me entertained.

The staff even give me slippers bathrobes etc.

Then the necessary checks blood pressure etc. was done prior to the procedure in the mean time Mr. Zahid was in regular contact with me assuring everything was going to plan and everything would be good.

I then met my surgeon Dr Bansi “what a guy he was” so down to earth explained everything asking If I had any concerns.

That same day afternoon I was sedated and my ESG procedure was performed by Dr Bansi.

When I woke up I immediately said to the doctors right I’m ready thinking that I had not had the procedure yet.

They laughingly said its been done I did not believe them as I immediately started walking could not feel any Discomfort or pain.

The doctors assured me the procedure was done by Dr Bansi and was very successful.

A short while later I was taken to xray where the staff showed me the x-rays of my upper body assuring me Dr Bansi had done a fantastic job according to the x-rays.

I was well impressed and happy that I had no pain or discomfort.

I was then taken to my room to relax and encouraged to walk with guidance of the staff nurses who were constantly looking after my welfare checking my blood pressure etc.

I stayed over night and next day before being discharged was given advice by the dietician what to consume and when.

Also the doctor prescribed me pain killers and tablets incase I felt sick but not once I took them as I did not need to.

I was then discharged about 3pm that day and my friend picked me up for the long journey home not once I can honestly say I felt in any discomfort or pain
For the first 3 days I was on clear liquid diet and I returned to work for a few hours the second day of arriving home.

By the 3rd I was back to work full shifts and drinking plenty of clear liquids as directed by the dietician.

I noticed my energy levels were up I was not feeling hungry if I did I drank water I felt like I was full again.

I was drinking plenty of homemade broth about 2 cups a day I think that’s what sorted me out more than anything.

Then over the next few days the weight started dropping of
Prior to procedure I was 247lbs and now after 5 days I was I think 230lbs.

Then a few days 225lb and now after 2 weeks started eating smooth foods my weight is at 215lbs in total over 30lbs lost in 2 WEEKS!

I can’t believe the difference just losing that much in 2 weeks has made to my health. I am sleeping better.

My diabetes has gone right down to non diabetic. My blood pressure down.
My arthritis pain none (I stopped taking medication 2 weeks prior to procedure and hopefully won’t be going back on it).

I honestly feel like I was 18 again full of energy I can fit into my old clothes again from a 42″ To a 34″ already and I’m still losing weight.

I can honestly say best decision of my life.

Thank you Mr. Zahid, Dr Bansi and all whom involved in my procedure and stay at the hospital. you were all fantastic.

I hope if I may to keep posting my progress that’s if I haven’t bored anyone reading my blog.

My advice to anyone thinking ESG procedure go for it. “It’s the best of the best you will not regret it worth every penny Total life changer”.

I have already got 2 of my close cousins who are in same situation as I was going ahead with procedure.

If anyone reading this wants to talk them through the procedure or any questions my contact details are with MR Zahid.

Ibrar Ahmed, Teesside, UK

Ibrar Ahmed

Zahid has excellent communication and customer skills. He would always answer my calls, messages and answer any questions I had.

The before, during, and aftercare was great. I had my tummy tuck carried out by Mr. Khan in Harley Street. No more overhand!

The nurse’s Sally and Catherine, were amazing the night of my surgery. They made me feel comfortable and were friendly, with great personalities.

I would recommend this company without hesitation. The whole process was quick, efficient, informative, and good value for money too. Thank you!

Nadine Paul

Thank you for treating me with the non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation 2 months ago. As you know, I had suffered from urinary incontinence and vagina laxity for many years following childbirth. I found the treatment quick and painless and was able to return to a normal routine following the procedure.

The results are life-changing for me, and not only do I find the vaginal canal much tighter,
the incontinence is also a thing of the past.

Thanks again for your work.

M S, London

I will say that the whole process has been quite painless (figuratively speaking), although when I started my quest it all looked very daunting. Just to be clear I have been looking at this for many months and saw many consultants so I don’t say this lightly!

I really need to thank you and your team for the quality and professionalism to get the process started and completed. Next I need to thank Dr Das and Mr Khan for there thoroughness, diligence and exceptional understanding. They made me feel safe, re-assured and comfortable with the operation not only what it would offer me personal but also outlined any pitfalls that I may encounter. Both are exceptional professionals who were understanding of my needs but also concerned for my well being and very decent and humble people.

I will have no hesitation to recommend you and the doctors. Please feel free to pass my details to anyone with concerns, fears or in need of guidance/re-assurance regarding this procedure and the services offered by Cosmetic Surgery UK.
Once again thank you all.

Ziya K, Berkshire

I am now nearly five weeks after my tummy tuck and really happy that you referred me to Mr Paterson, who was really understanding and talked me through what would happen. The hospital staff were very helpful and caring. I came home 2 days later in which I have rested but also been very mobile.

So I am very happy although still a bit swollen but back to full mobility and work; hopefully able to fly on Sunday for my holiday. I would like to say thank you for encouraging me to go and see Mr Paterson after my previous experience of an unhelpful consultation.

Rachel T, Cheshire

I have recovered well and, on the whole, things are back to normal and I am pleased with the results. With regard to the process, I was very happy with my consultation, the treatment and stay in hospital and follow up appointment. I have been very happy with the service. So much so, in fact, that I recommended you to my friend who has arranged an appointment for 1st March and provisionally booked in for treatment in April.

Gill B, Lancashire

I initially researched the procedure I was looking at and spoke to three consultants and a patient representative. The first two were through the (Name Intentionally Deleted) Group and the fourth was (Name Intentionally Deleted). I knew as soon as I came out of the consultation with Mr Khan that he would carry out my operation.

Mr Khan was the only one who listened to what I wanted, asked specific questions on how I felt, how it affected me, what he could do to help. He showed me videos and photos of the procedure and where to get further information. I was very impressed compared to the other consultants I’d seen. I had no pain and have not really had any pain since the operation, just some soreness.

I am happy with what I see so far, although there is still some bruising and some swelling to go down.The whole process has been very pleasant, I have no complaints just compliments, I have been kept informed and had regular communication from yourself. I would be happy to recommend Right Choice and Mr Khan to my family and friends.

Lorraine Pursey, Sussex

The process from the initial enquiry right through to the present has been one of Client/Patient first and this I found truly exceptional. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me.

C McDonald, Lancs

I am very pleased, it was an extremely good and beneficial result for me. Mr Khan is fantastic! Pleased with how responsive you were and how quickly it was all arranged.

I Meggs, London

I would like to thank you for all your help and guidance through this procedure; you have been very helpful and always answered my emails straightaway, I will have no doubts in recommending you to anyone who is interested in having any surgery as I was exteremly pleased with how everything has gone. The whole experience has been worthwhile even though I am still a bit sore, stiff and swollen!!!

K Baglietto, Essex

I couldnt be any happeir with everything and my husband is very pleased too that we choose yourself for the procedure. I have told my family and freinds and also freinds who i speak to on a cosmetic surgery forum how fantastic everything has been. A big thank you to all those who made it possible and I will be back for the Breast implant replacement.

M Smith, West Midlands

I’m doing very and was very pleased with the whole experience, the staff and hospital were brilliant as was my surgeon.
I found everything to be very easy and straight forward; I’m very pleased I used RightChoiceUK.com for my surgery.
My nurse was amazed at how well my scar was healing. Thank you very much for everything once again.

J Cave, Cleveland

Facial Procedures

I am really happy with the result and I have a new girlfriend, a new job and things couldn’t be better.

Damien.T. Manchester

Ear Pinning

The surgery was comfortable and the stay in Prague was lovely. Big thanks to you and Dr. Patrik! 5 stars. Couldn’t have gone better.

Alex W

“Everything was excellent, you and the surgeon both are very supportive and helpful, It is very nice asking about health after surgery as well. Thanks for your all support.” ?

Miss K M

“My experience with Right Choice from start to finish was pleasant. The team was super accommodating and ensured everything went smoothly on the day. The consultation was sensitively handled and the aftercare was properly explained to me. Prescription medicines were collected for me from the pharmacy prior to the procedure which made the whole process more convenient. Thank you for everything!”


“Hello, thank you for all your help, my procedure was done very quickly and well. I healed well and was thrilled with the results.”

Olivia M.

Olivia M

Hi Zahid, I just wanted to let you know I really appreciate your support from start to finish. Thank you again, and if you can thank my surgeon he did a wonderful job. I am now returning back home in peace.


Weight Loss Success Stories

I am coming along nicely with nearly no pain any more so hopefully that is a good indicator. All is going really well with me enjoying my stay at the Liv Hospital. Dr Murat is amazing and I am excited to leave his care so that he can deliver this great service to others like me asap!

I will call you again when I need my teeth fixed and loose skin cut away for sure… this has been a really friendly, positive, and professional experience.


Jade, Herts

I am so grateful as you can see by my pictures i have lost 6.7 stone now and love my new life. my type 2 diabetic has gone into remission and i do not have high cholesterol & high blood pressure anymore. i do not take any medication and have a good bill of health now so thank you. Mark Render, Bermondsey, London
Weight Loss

Weight Loss Turkey

Weight Loss in Turkey

Hello Chevonie,

Yes please feel free to contact me and I am more than happy to tell you of the positive experience I had and result I have been trying to achieve for the for several years by dieting, attending weight watchers, taking appetite suppressant etc and achieving nothing but loosing money and my confidence.

I have lost 2 stones in weight since the gastric sleeve op in July 2019, in Turkey, my taste changed, and my eating habits is completely different, and I can now control what to eat or not. It’s the best decision I have ever made for me!

I can fit in clothes 2 sizes smaller and feel comfortable and confidence.

Thanks Mr Hamid for letting Chevonie have my details.

Chevonie, please call me if you want to ask or to meet me to see how I look etc. I was 10.8 stones, 4ft 11, small built. Since the gastric sleeve I July 2019, I am 8.8 stones and wear size 10 instead of 14 or 16 sometimes.

Please don’t hesitate if you want to feel good about you and regain a healthy life style and looks, but beware, you would not be able to eat or drink if you are a party animal!

Enough from me, over and out.

Weight Loss in Turkey

I am feeling fantastic, lost loads of weight after the Gastric Wrap. I don’t weigh myself as a rule but its got to be four plus stones! I am off the fags, exercising and life is good. Thanks for everything!

Alan B, London

I went down from 90 kg to 78 kg with the gastric balloon and have never felt better. It was without any stress and I did not actually feel hungry with the balloon in place. Getting used to it in the early days was the hardest part, but I was never really dieting! Thank you for all your help.

B Gashi, East Sussex

The service of the treatment was really good, the hospital staff were really friendly and looking well after me. The planning was good too from the Peek Lodge to the transport, everything was fine. I’d recommend everyone to come and do Weight Loss surgery through Right Choice. Mr Nisar was really nice too and gave me his email address to contact him anytime which gives you a safety.

I am really happy i did it, its nice seeing the weight drop and i am only eating a quarter from what i used to eat which is amazing! So far my body responded well to everything i ate. even the stitches healed well and i dont have pain anymore. Plus the scars are really tiny, (later) I have nearly achieved my weight loss target.

Vanessa Mathis, Malta

I think all went well with the op and I am back home. Would you believe it, every time I watch the TV it’s all about food and cooking! It seems my sense of smell has improved to the point of smelling every single bit of food cooking every where i go. I am trying my best to stick with what the dietitian advised me.

Thank you Zahid for making this op possible at a cost I can afford and in a lovely hospital and environment. Mr Nisar and the Anaesthetist were excellent and very kind to me before the surgery because of my syringe phobia.

With all the encouragement I have had from the team and at home, I am now very close to my ideal weight.

H Mew, Southampton

I have recovered well, and am feeling good. All the staff at the hospital where very kind and very professional, the surgery went well and I am very pleased with the outcome. Thank you, once again for your kind assistance, I would never hesitate to use Right Choice again.

L Ruddy, Merseyside

Dental Treatment

The dental care for elderly people in the UK right now, since they exited the EU is monumentally bad, or non-existent, and yours is “world class” the difference is night and day. I live in a scheme for elderly people and I intend to put your details on the public notice board there for others in need of dental care to follow this example.

Stephen L, North East England

Hannah Dental Cosmetic Surgery

Picture perfect smile – Hannah is delighted with her Hollywood smile from Turkey.

There so naturally shaped not hanging out nothing there perfect I have never smiled so much in my life maybe now people won’t think I’m hard faced ??


Thank you for restoring my smile and confidence.

Miss K, London

I am a nervous patient, to say the least, but felt easy once my questions had been answered. The best part of the whole process was the trip to Budapest, from being met at the airport, given a guided tour, treated in a modern, stylish surgery by welcoming staff, all of which exceeded my expectations in every respect.

The team was most helpful in helping me minimise the time spent in Budpest and completing the treatment in London, at the cost of treatment in Budapest. Thank you; everything was excellent, I truly appreciate your help and time, and I will definitely be recommending others.

Jeremy C, London

Just done with the final stage of treatment and the end result looks good. I am now and in the future more than happy to continue sending people to you as it is a life changing experience at an affordable price.

Robert will be contacting you to book and I have spoken to his father-in law and he is also seriously considering treatment with you as well.

May I take this opportunity to once again thank you and all those connnnected with my treatment; it really has improved my quality of life and restored my faith in honest dentistry

N. Sharkie, London

Can I first thank you personally for responding to my questions and generally keeping me in the loop.The net result of the work carried out is excellent, particularly bearing in mind that I started out with as many voids as teeth.My only discomfort at the moment is in educating my mouth to accept it now has a shed full of shiny white teeth instead of gaps! Please convey my very grateful thanks to the team for all the work they have done

D Turner, Suffolk

I want to let you know how pleased I am with the Dental treatment and how lovely my NEW teeth are, it makes such a difference. I have already mentioned to quite a few people and friends, how imressed and delighted I am with the results.

W. Boyd, Spain

‘My son is so happy with his teeth, I have never seen him smile so much’

G Ram, West Midlands

I would like to take this opportunity to voice my gratitude and thanks to all staff involved, and to commend there expertise, professionalism, thougherness, accuracy and precision throughout the process, I’m extremely happy with the outcome so far as is my wife.

Also to thank you for fitting the two implants while I was in Budapest and to make payment for that when I have stage 3 done at the London clinic after the implants have healed and settled, it made sence to do while I was already in the dentist chair, and very decent and trusting on your part, and very much appreciated by myself, I will contact you to make arrangements to book stage 3 for August /September and I will most certainly be praising and recommending your services to family and friends thank you

Paul Murphy