Chin Implant

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Your chin is an essential visual characteristic of your lower face, and along with your nose establishes your facial shape and profile.

A notable chin improves your jawline and prevents the formation of jowls.

Chin implants are probably the most repeated remedy for cosmetic improvement. This is a delicate and simple surgery that contributes volume as well as structure to your jaw without changing your natural look.

Chin Implant Cost

The cost of a chin implant? Chin implant cost, very low indeed! Please complete the form on the right for an instant quote. We can offer great prices because our over-heads are low. We save on over-priced offices and expensive locations and can offer you the savings without compromising on quality or standards.

How does it work?

Chin implants surgery is carried out to enhance the total amount of the facial profile.  Face augmentation with chin implants is the method of preference for many patients with normal functioning teeth and jaw development.  A silicone implant is positioned within the bone structure in your lower jaw, enhancing the length of your jaw.  Concerning the region augmented, you may create a more powerful and or broader face as well as lengthen your face.

Cheek Surgery


You will find some options readily available for chin implant surgery.  Chin implant surgery augments the bony structure of the jaw and can produce a more powerful face resulting in the face becoming wider or perhaps slightly lengthening the face.  Chin implants come in a multiple of shapes.  To do chin implant surgery, a cut is created along with a pocket made to accommodate the implant directly within the bone across the lower jaw.  Solid plastic implants can be put in via a small cut underneath the face.  Other rigid materials can also be used for chin augmentation. The chin implants are put in position, either by creating a properly fitting pocket or affixing it to soft tissue or bone.  The cut is closed finishing the augmentation.

In a single approach, the lower portion of bone is moved on and wired in place. For those who have a mildly weak face cheek implants might be the process of preference for you.  Possibly you’ve used temporary soft tissue additives previously to attain a more powerful face and are seeking a lasting solution. Usually, the entire operation takes about one hour to accomplish. A tape is frequently put on your skin to assist with holding the implant in position after surgery.

Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation Cost? We can arrange a chin implant in the UK from prices as low as £70 installments every month. We will advise you where to stay and give you advice on travel. We have arranged cosmetic surgery for many clients over the years, and our experience is at your disposal. Please call us with any questions you may have regarding having a chin implant.