Medical Travel Insurance

Importance of Medical Insurance during Your Travel Abroad

Are you planning to travel abroad for medical reasons? Make sure you have travel insurance!

Getting injured or having an unexpected sickness during the travel can be extremely costly if you don’t have travel insurance. Especially medical costs can build up very quickly and this can cause lots of trouble for you. Just a simple service as the use of an ambulance, for instance, can cost around more than £25,000.

You need to check the medical insurance cover before your travel. A really high amount of travelers are going abroad for medical reasons without travel insurance that risking thousands of pounds of expenses. In any case of difficulty, they experience high and unnecessary costs.

Either you are traveling for Cosmetic Surgery, Dental treatment, IVF/Fertility treatment or Bariatric Surgery If you don’t have travel insurance, you are risking your travel and your money if something goes wrong. 48% of people don’t know and don’t realize that without travel insurance they’d be liable to pay for their own medical bills abroad.

Ehic Is Not The Only Answer For Medical Insurance

EHIC is a good and an accurate option for all medically-necessary care within the EU and the EEA and it is also accepted by almost all state hospitals. However, the FCO mostly recommends also to have travel insurance, because EHIC only covers necessary care and won’t cover things such as repatriation to the UK in the case of a medical emergency.

Medical Cover

Medical cover is one of the most important pre-caution of going abroad for medical reasons due to unexpected issues as getting injured, need of high-cost services, etc.

What Is Medical Travel Shield?

Medical Travel Shield is a travel insurance for patients who travel abroad for medical procedures. The cover can also be provided for the patient’s travelling companions.

The insurance’s purpose is to cover complications that may occur before, during or after the medical procedure.

What Is The Difference Between Standard Travel Insurance And Medical Cover?

Medical Travel Insurance offers all the travel insurance needs that may occur. It has lots of advantages for the patient who travel abroad for medical reasons. Standard travel insurances actually void the insurance if the travelling purpose is medical.

Medical Services That Can Be Covered By Medical Travel Shield;

IVF Treatment: If you will travel abroad for IVF treatment, Medical Travel Shield will cover your unexpected travel and accommodation expenses above the normal recovery period.

Dental Treatment: If you will travel abroad for Dental treatment, Medical Travel Shield will provide medical insurance.

Cosmetic Treatment: : If you will travel abroad for Cosmetic treatment such as;

– Aesthetic/Plastic surgery

– Laser eye surgery

– Hair transplant

Medical Travel Shield will cover your medical and additional expenses in case of emergency.

Elective Procedures: Elective procedures can include:

Bariatric/Gastric procedures

Gastric band

Gastric balloon

Gastric bypass

Orthopedic procedures

Total joint replacements

Cataract procedures

A Medical Cover Should Include:

Costs of emergency medical treatments (including using the ambulance service and hospital charges)
Returning you home following medical treatment abroad if you cannot use your original ticket
Reasonable additional transport
24 hours of support and assistance
Additional Medication Costs
Benefits Of Medical Travel Shield

We are in partnership with Medical Travel Shield If you are travelling abroad for medical treatment please check your standard travel insurance. You may want a specialist insurance product. Medical Travel Shield offers the particular insurance you need.

Before Travel: The policy covers non-refundable treatment deposits, if a patient has to cancel or delay their trip up to £5,000.

During Travel: If the patient’s recovery period is longer than expected, the policy covers contributions towards accommodation and flights, plus a daily allowance up to £1,500

During Travel: If the patient needs treatment for post-operative complications between discharge and return home, the policy covers contributions towards to cost of consultation fees and additional medication up to £500

After Travel: If the patient needs to return within 12 months to correct unsuccessful surgery, the policy covers contributions towards the return trip up to £2,000. (The insurance will cover for return flights for the patient and a daily allowance.)