Cosmetic Surgery

• Dr Tamás Karvász– Consultant Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeon
• Hungarian Plastic Surgery Centre.

Treatments, (As for Czech Republic).

Dental Treatment

• Dr Tamas Balsai – Consultant Oral Surgeon and Implantologist


General Dentistry. Prosthodontic.s Endodontics Oral Surgery.
Cleaning. Porcelain Crowns. Root Canal Filling. Sinus Lifting.
Scaling Zirconium Crowns. Apicectomy Bone Augmentation.
Polishing. Emax Crowns. Microscopic Root Canal. Bone Grafting
Composite Filings. Veneers. Dental Implants.
Deep Cleaning Lumineers.Bridges

Mr Peter Vasas - Consultant General, Laparoscopic and GI and Bariatric Surgeon

Mr Péter Vasas specialises is currently appointed to the Doncaster Royal Infirmary, England and
has been working in London since 2016.

He graduated in medicine and trained in surgery in Budapest, going on to acquire a Ph D in
bariatric and metabolif surgery. Concurrently, he is a bariatric fellow at the St Jan Hospital in
Bruges, Belgium.

He has completed an Ethicon-sponsored national bariatric fellowship
programme in the UK and Belgium. He is a member of the Society of Hungarian Surgeons, the
Royal College of Surgeons, UK, and the British Obesity In Metabolic Surgical Society.
He specializes in laparoscopic (keyhole) abdominal surgery, especially gallstone, gastro-
oesophageal reflux and minimally invasive haemorrhoid procedures.

He offers Bariatric operations including band, bypass and sleeve gastrectomy as well as revision surgery.
Mr Peter Vasas, has performed more than 950 bariatric procedures (including revisions) without
an anastomotic leak or mortality, and his results are uploaded and viewable for the public on the
National Bariatric Surgical Registry. His experience spans 10 years and he has a remarkable zero
leak rate.

You may meet your surgeon in London or Doncaster and have surgery in Budapest, with
aftercare available to you in the UK.